Game Duration

Whenever possible, games will be scheduled in 1 hr blocks 

- Two (2) twenty (25) minute running halves.
- There are no timeouts during the games.
- Halftime will be (5) minutes.

Note on Weather

Tournament directors in conjunction with facility staff will make any and all decisions concerning delaying or cancelling of games due to inclement weather. Officials, coaches, parent or any other non-tournament staff member should not attempt to stop a game because of inclement weather. Any concerns over weather should be addressed to tournament staff. In the event of game cancellation, staff will determine either a time to resume play or if games need to be shortened.

Tournament directors will give direction to halt play and clear playing fields.  Club/team coaches/staff/parents are expected to provide additional instructions to players/teams as needed.  In case of extreme weather conditions please refer to the tournament evacuation procedure/plan.

In the event of weather cancellation during a game, if game is at half - the score stands.